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London Cornice Repairs all plaster mouldings restored, reproduced and fitted.

South Lambeth London plaster moulding repairs. Specialists in cornice repairs and plaster mould restoration work in London, South Lambeth, SW8. If you require a section of plaster cornice or ceiling rose repaired or would like to restore the plaster moulding in your property or you need a plaster cornice reproduced in London, South Lambeth, contact us today.

We also can reproduce and fit plaster corbels, walls, ceiling mouldings, plaster arches, plaster skirting dado rails, columns and pilasters. If you have had an old original lath and plaster ceiling come down and need to restore the ceiling and the plaster cornice repairs, then contact us today for an estimate.

Our aim is to provide a high-class plaster moulding repair service in London, South Lambeth, SW8.

A builder working in London, South Lambeth and you need a section of plaster cornice repair carried out or a plaster ceiling rose restored or reproduced and fitted or are thinking of restoring the original plaster cornice mouldings in a property in London, South Lambeth, call us today.

Property investor and thinking of restoring the plaster mouldings or repairing a section of plaster cornice? Contact us today.

Architect with a project in London, South Lambeth and require some advice or need a section of plaster cornice repaired, reproduced, a ceiling rose fitted in London, South Lambeth? Then give us a call today.

Property management company in London, South Lambeth and need a section of plaster cornice repaired? Restoring your property and would like an estimate for a cornice repair? Need a plaster ceiling rose fitted? Contact us today.

Insurance companies with a client and the original old lath and plaster ceiling has come down and you need a cornice repair done? Do you need to repair a section plaster cornice in London, South Lambeth? Do you need to restore a plaster ceiling rose due to damage or need to reproduce a plaster cornice or a cornice repair in London, South Lambeth? Contact us today for some advice.

Project manager needing sections of plaster cornice repairs to be done on a project in London, South Lambeth? A plaster cornice to be reproduced or ceiling rose fitted on a project that you are margining? The original old lath and plaster ceiling has come down? Contact us today.


  • Decorative plaster mouldings made to match existing
  • Cornice repairs and restored
  • Coving repaired and restored
  • Ceiling roses restored
  • Cornice cleaning
  • Decorative, Victorian and Egg and Dart cornice restoration and repair services