• Unless otherwise agreed, 40% of the agreed cost of the work is to be paid up-front; the remaining 60% is to be paid within 28 days of the work being completed.
  • All payments of a value less than £250 must be made in cash.
  • An interest 8% rate shall accrue weekly on all debts left unpaid after the completion date.
  • Any work/services supplied remain the property of St. James Plastering Services and can be reclaimed if full payment isn’t made within the given time frame.
  • Responsibility of payment will fall to the property owner is subcontracted by another person.

Working Conditions.

  • Access to water, electricity, reasonable lighting and the toilet have to be provided whilst on site.
  • The removal of furniture/objects in the working area must be removed before arrival of starting the work to allow for reasonable access to the working area.
  • Only waste/debris created as a result of the work completed shall be removed by St. James Plastering Services.

Estimates & Quotations.

  • Estimates and Quotes are only for a period of 1 month of the issue date.


  • Any mouldings or profiles taken for storage/work will be disposed of after 28 days of the completion of the work unless otherwise requested.