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Work carried out by St. James Plastering Services is automatically subjected to the following Terms & Conditions.

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Home Gallery Free Estimates Regions Contact Us Links & Info Solid Plastering

● Decorative plaster mouldings made to match existing.

● Cornice repairs and restored.

● Coving repaired and restored.

● Ceiling roses restored.

● Cornice Cleaning.

● Decorative, Victorian and Egg and Dart cornice restoration and repair services.

James Lawlor

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Public Liability: £1,000,000

St. James fibrous plastering services working in London and Surrey


Terms & Conditions

1. Payment.

I. Unless otherwise agreed, 40% of the agreed cost of the work is to be paid up-front; the remaining 60% is to be paid within 28 days of the work being completed.

II. All payments of a value less than £250 must be made in cash.

III. An interest 8% rate shall accrue weekly on all debts left unpaid after the completion date.

IV. Any work/services supplied remain the property of St. James Plastering Services and can be reclaimed if full payment isn’t made within the given time frame.

V. Responsibility of payment will fall to the property owner is subcontracted by another person.

2. Working Conditions.

I. Access to water, electricity, reasonable lighting and the toilet have to be provided whilst on site.

II. The removal of furniture/objects in the working area must be removed before arrival of starting the work to allow for reasonable access to the working area.

III. Only waste/debris created as a result of the work completed shall be removed by St. James Plastering Services.

3. Estimates & Quotations.

I. Estimates and Quotes are only for a period of 1 month of the issue date.

4. Miscellaneous.

I. Any mouldings or profiles taken for storage/work will be disposed of after 28 days of the completion of the work unless otherwise requested.